OPTIONS: Exterior Signage

My Fresh Basket, Spokane, WA

This new store was going to look like no other grocery store in the area. They wanted a refreshing look for the exterior signs and Baldwin Signs delivered. Dave Yount, VP of Operations was very pleased and had this to say about the work we did....

To whom it may concern,

    Late in the 4th quarter year of 2016 I reached out to Baldwin signs to design exterior signage for a grocery store project in downtown Spokane on Summit Parkway in Kendal Yards. Ron and his team not only came up with a number of great ideas but provided me and my team with numerous renderings and color options for us to review. The renderings and the color selections that were provided made it a very easy process to choose the exterior sign package for our store.

    Once the decision was made to go with Baldwin Signs Ron and his team put our project on their schedule and completed the design production and installation right on time, which was a very tight schedule with no issues.

I would highly recommend Baldwin Signs and would personally put them as a front runner for any new or upgraded sign packages going forward.


Dave P Yount

V.P. Operations

My Fresh Basket LLC.

Spokane Valley Mall Freeway Sign

Neon illuminated open channel letters with scuffed aluminum accents. A modern use of classic sign components.

ID Pylon sign

Reverse Pan

Reverse pan channel letters are a lot like pan channel letters, however they give a much softer look. This style is very popular with banks, restaurants, and medical plazas. A Reverse Pan Channel Letter or RPC is usually constructed out of aluminum. The inside of the letter is illuminated with either neon or LED's. The back of the letter is then covered with a clear poly carbonate sheet to protect the inter working of the letters from the elements. In most signs LEDs are used for their high reliability, low power consumption and reduced long term maintenance costs. However, in some special applications the custom colors available with neon can help you create a completely custom look that can help you stand out.

Reader Boards

Changeable Letter Boards (also known as reader-boards) are an inexpensive way to display changeable or temporary messages. Utilizing Pronto Changeable Letters available in a variety of sizes, type styles, and colors, these reader-boards are very effective and economical. The cabinets can be installed directly to walls, monument bases or on poles. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated depending upon your requirement.


Raceway Channel Letters are mounted on a 7" x 7" aluminum channel box known as a raceway. This type of signage is eye catching and very easy to read from a distance. The Raceway Mounted Channel Letters contain all electrical components, including wiring and transformers needed for the sign to work. The raceway itself is attached to the wall with lag bolts, through bolts or toggle bolts. How it is attached will depend on your type of wall. Your Baldwin Signs project manager can consult on your type of installation.


This is a freestanding sign with a visible support structure. They are usually double sided and perfect for getting the attention of your customers in traffic or on foot. Signs like these are easily visible as they typically reach high above the ground to avoid interference.

Monuments & Pylons

Monument and pylon signs are free standing signs typically installed close to the road to attract potential clients as they drive by. ISL can permit, fabricate, and install illuminated or non-illuminated monument and pylon signs. These signs can be made from concrete block, stucco, welded steel or aluminum sign cabinets. The construction and design depends on your specifications and budget. A rising trend for monument and pylon signs is to incorporate an LED reader board sign to attract additional clients by showing services, sales, or other promotions your company is offering.

Flat Cut-Out Letters

Flat cut metal letters are available router cut or waterjet cut. These techniques allow a cost-effective custom rendering of your logo or special graphics. The metal is sealed and protected against weathering to protect your investment. Baldwin Signs offers numerous different routed cut signs, acrylic and metal letters. Whether you are looking for; aluminum signs or letters, brass signs, metal letters, stainless steel letters, iron lettering or acrylic letters, we have them all. Metal outdoor sign letters are available in brass, iron, bronze and aluminum metal wall letters. They are are great as church sign letters or business sign letters (office or retail). We offer dozens of sizes and whether it is small decorative metal letters or large vintage metal letters, all are available in over 10,000 different fonts. Each metal acrylic cut and metal alphabet letters (sign letters) is precision flat cut using computerized cutting systems. We also offer cast aluminum and bronze letters. So if you are looking for metal letters or numbers, flat cut or cast, we can customize and install each alphabet metal sign letter to your request.


As a distributor and a major manufacturer, we have access to professional design and manufacturing teams who have years of experience creating the best Custom Channel Letter signage around. If you know exactly what you want, and just want a competitive quote that's fine. If you know the basic content, but need help laying it out, just call us to discuss the project. We can also offer suggestions to help you discover your vision. We are committed to giving you access to a high quality, low cost producer of Custom Channel Letter signs. We will work to meet your requirements and provide pricing and drawings quickly.


Tenant identification is achieved quickly and inexpensively with the Baldwin Sign Illuminated Cabinet. Our directories identify occupants, tenants and businesses within a multi-use facility while directing and informing visitors to floors, suites and departments. The directories incorporate ASA compliant design, UL certified electronic components and energy efficient ballasts and lamps. Internal and external cabinet heat is significantly reduced while maintaining minimal operating costs. 

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