OPTIONS: Graphics/Digital Media

Half-Sun Travel Plaza, Moses Lake, WA

The Double Face pylon sign for Half-Sun Travel Plaza stands at 125 feet high and is one of the largest signs in Eastern Washington. It incorporates an electronic message center, digital fuel price display along with internally illuminated pan channel letters and logos along with a separate sign for two of the plaza's most popular items, Champs Chicken and Extreme Diesel.

ID Pylon sign


The Integrated sign is popular for schools, churches, banks, civic centers and movie theaters. Usually incorporated into a monument sign, these signs must be permitted by the city. The message can be remotely programed from a hand-held control pad, or hard-wired to your computer with accompanying software. Scrolling, flashing, graphics and changing colors are just a few of the software features available. Letter height and length of each line are determined by the viewing distance required. These LED message boards are taking the place of changeable readerboards. Give us a call and we'll help you incorporate a message board into your monument or pole sign!


The message boards and scoreboards can be any size or shape. LED message boards are taking the place of changeable reader boards. The frames of the boards receives a powder coat finish in the color of your choice. The displays can be any color. Individual pixels are composed of either one or four super bright, wide angle Piranha style LED's. The LED's that we use are of the absolute highest quality. We make the best quality, longest lasting scoreboards period. Seven segment displays are available from 9 inches tall to 30 inches tall on both scoreboards and message boards. The software is modular and can be customized to fit your application. The boards can be controlled from either a hand held controller or a personal computer running our control program. Our software can be integrated into any systems which you already have in place, permitting connection to a database, or inter-company communication network.

Video Replay

LED video screens have been improving over the years. They are larger and more durable today than ever before. They represent the ultimate in flexibility for displaying video advertising, instant replays, and scoring for a game and can make a big impression on fans as well. The latest innovations with this technology are the video scoreboards, and they represent a completely new opportunity for schools. When LED screens were first used a few years ago they were usually added to an existing scoreboard and were mainly used to display advertisements. Even though they added a new dimension to the scoreboard for fans, their use was fairly limited. With improvements to the manufacturing process and advancements in engineering, these video displays have gotten larger and crisper. This allows them to display bigger ads and information in high definition quality that is bright enough to enjoy in full sunlight

Wall Mount Message Centers

Want to keep everyone informed, but have a small area or tight budget? Then consider small to large wall mounted message centers, as these are ideal for this situation. These signs are maintenance free. They are window shatter and scratch resistant. They tend to be weatherproof as well, so you have plenty of places to utilize its effectiveness.

Window Lettering/Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl Lettering
Vinyl letters are available in solid colors or printed. They are self-adhesive and ready to apply. They are good for store windows, doors, vehicle, walls, glass or any smooth surfaces. 

Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle graphics packages are available in lettering and decals to full or partial wraps. Digitally printed vehicle graphics are perfect for advertising and promoting your business on the go.

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