OPTIONS: Interior Signage

Rockwood Retirement Home Fireside Sign

A creative way to make a routed face flat sign jump off the wall!!

Spokane Tribe Casino Three Peaks Kitchen - Bar

An effective interior sign tastefully done.

ADA Signs

In general, almost every sign that would be considered an "architectural" sign must comply with one or another of the ADA Guidelines. In other words, if a sign identifies a permanent room or space of a facility, including exits. This signage directs or informs about functional spaces of the facility and identifies accessible features of the facility. It must comply with the ADA guidelines. 

Signs for advertising and marketing purposes, temporary signs, company logos and names are examples of signs or sections of signs that do not have to comply.

Reception Area

Your lobby or reception area sends a strong first impression to visitors who walk through your doors. You can take advantage of that opportunity by displaying your logo prominently. Whether it is wall mounted or hung from cables, a logo can assure visitors they are in the right place.

An attractive logo made of contemporary, durable materials can be another element in branding your business or institution. We have the resources to design your reception area signage. (If you need a logo, we can help with that, too.) We have the materials, machine tools and skills to produce and install your lobby signs within your budget.

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