OPTIONS: Special Projects

EMC Billboard

Electronic Message Center Billboards allows you to give a crystal clear message to the viewer, all at the tap of a button. These highly digital forms of advertising or display can be used for several purposes and are perfect for businesses, schools, and churches. You want to get the word out? We can make it happen with our EMC Billboard capabilities.

Twigs Architectural Facia Treatments

An important property of aluminum is its chemical affinity for oxygen, which causes it to form a thin, tough, invisible and impervious film of oxide on its surface, immediately on the metal's exposure to air This is virtually impenetrable by the atmosphere once it has formed. Finishes adhere very tightly to the metal; this means that there is no flaking off of the oxide and continuous corrosive attack of the surface. Also, there is no color wash-off to stain adjacent surfaces. Cost: The cost comparison of building materials is unrealistic if only initial outlay is considered. Total cost includes insurance, maintenance, custodial care, replacement and other factors. Of these, maintenance generally represents the highest cost. Aluminum is recognized as a long-lasting, easily maintained material for both interior and exterior architectural applications. Its smooth, dense and corrosion-resistant to dirt and maintenance.

University of Idaho Suite Nameplates

Custom made suite nameplates were the goal of this project. The University of Idaho wanted their existing signage replaced with more durable, corrosion resistant nameplates. So naturally we made it happen and installed beautiful new nameplates that give viewers a better understating of directions while holding up to the elements of day to day life.

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