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This was a channel letter style sign installed on a raceway. This sign is a rarity because it uses a combination of LED and Neon for illumination. 99% of all the channel letters we make are lit with LED because of the ease of use, over all reliability, and massive energy saving capabilities, but occasionally we have to pull out the old bag of tricks and use neon to get a certain effect that the customer desires or overcome a lighting challenge that LED just won't work for. Creative writing styles were also utilized to give this baseball loving customer a brand new, state of the art look. From the beginning concept all the way to installation we work with each customer every step of the way. 

Race Way mounted Plex Face Channel Letters were used for this specific design with the skeleton consisting of Neon and Dibond Letters and Stripes painted later to match the building. Makes for a very sleek look coming from an original concept.

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