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This project was more of an architectural piece than a sign. The customer came to us with a concept in his head and a hand sketched idea for a sign and awning that would highlight the entry into his building. We were able to integrate a variety of materials, including prefinished Aluminum composite panels, 1/4" aluminum plate, White LED, half of a javelin, precast letters, and old I-beam and a lot of blood sweat and tears to make the finished product. The specific style of the sign is Art Deco which is a rare artistic element to be used in this industry which is just another reason we are the best at what we do!

Rolled and Brushed Aluminum composite wrap was used for the top part of the sign with flat cut Aluminum lettering. For the bottom portion we used Pan cut channel Aluminum Lettering to create a 3-D effect. The whole sign is illuminated with white LED cove lighting to accent the name and creative style of the sign.

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