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These signs are halo lit reverse pan channel letters. Because of the location (Post & Main in beautiful down town Spokane) and the type of building it was (cast in place concrete) we knew we would have to design and build a sign that was attractive, elegant, and highly reliable. Because of this location service calls are extremely expensive. They require working off hours, obstruction permits, traffic signage, and sidewalk closures. All of these can make even the most routine service call time consuming and very expensive. White LED seemed to be the magic bullet for application. It has worked flawlessly for the past five years with out a single service call and still looks as beautiful as the day installation was finished. The client spent a few extra bucks on the initial investment side to get the highest quality materials so that expensive service calls would not be required. It paid off because what the customer has saved in energy and service calls easily paid for itself after the initial investment period. 

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